Slide Decks & Prezos made along the way

Not sure how to pitch the dark side of the table?! Here we go with bullet-proof advice...

This presentation has been given in May 2012 to an audience of 50 postgrad students of the SIMC Master at WU Wien. It was intended to prepare the group for an upcoming international startup idea pitch competition. This talk served as introduction to several individual coaching sessions with small venture teams. 


No one understands your business model?!... Reconsider! Rethink! Redesign! 

The deck has been presented to 80 participants of a Startup Live Munich event (December 2011). This presentation was a walk through of the popular Business Model Canvas methodology. This tool helps strategic thinkers to have a birds eye view on an organization's underlying business model. The BMC allows to quickly elaborate, iterate and present business ideas.


Hey designers! YOU are the next big thing in entrepreneurship. 

This presentation was given to 100 international design students and professors at the Graz Europrix in November 2010. This deck was intended to outline similarities between design thinking and entrepreneurial mindsets in order to trigger a thought process in the participants. 

The 3 hour session consisted of a 45 minute presentation followed by a 3 hour hands-on workshop and a follow-up discussion.